#DecisionMaking: New Wine Podcast #009

This is podcast number nine and here’s the question we’ll try to answer this time: How should a follower of Jesus make decisions?

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you need to make a decision but you have many options, most of which seem quite good?  What did you do?  How did you choose between the options?

I have recently found myself in this very position.  The future direction of my professional life could go many different directions and I’m at a place in my personal life where I need to choose which way to go.  And I can tell you without equivocation that making a decision in circumstances like these is extremely difficult!

How do we proceed?  And does being a follower of Jesus cause things to change?


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4 thoughts on “#DecisionMaking: New Wine Podcast #009

  1. By default, prayer both individual and with others. I sought counsel through strong Christian leaders and strong Christians who have been in my place. The Word of God is an additional place to turn to. Journeling- writing down your feeling and thoughts, pros and cons.

  2. As someone who is waiting on the lord. I find myself in the thought of not doing anything and just seeing where the Lord takes me. I now know it is okay to have thought yet pray and do something about it myself.

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