#Community: New Wine Podcast #005

This is the fifth New Wine podcast and here’s what we’ll do this time: We’ll chat about what community has to do with being sent – that is, are we sent alone or with others and why does this matter?


I answer this question in my latest podcast.  You can listen to it on the bottom of this post, on iTunes, or on Stitcher.

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6 thoughts on “#Community: New Wine Podcast #005

  1. What if I feel that the Lord is taking me through the Wilderness? What books other then the bible would you say I should read in this time of being prepared by the lord to be more Missionial?

  2. Cool, I am listening to Reasons for God By Timothy Keller at the moment and also got Flesh in audio.

  3. Shouldn’t a leader accept that some of his followers will follow him/her into faith? If we are to reject our American isolationism, we should evaluate those scriptures that show leadership can save a family, a community, even a state
    ? We might end up with more Republican values oriented leadership than you expected when you venture down this path……

      • We all have that background responsibility to vote, participate and provide our leadership to this experiment in self governance. I’m not heavily political except as it imposes itself in my interests and obligates me to self govern in voting. When you challenge the American insolationism, you end up with a great deal of scripture that proclaims communities as faith entities. As you’ve discussed here….

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