Advent: Jesus Is Coming, Brother!

geralt / Pixabay

Advent is a time when you anticipate the first coming of Jesus.  It gives us the chance to slow down and reflect on what the Incarnation means.  Jesus moved into our neighborhood, as Alan Hirsch, author the great book The Forgotten Ways, always says, and Advent gives us space to re-imagine our lives in light of this truth.  Advent is the time of year in which we allow ourselves to be moved by the unexpected mix of the divine and the human.

Advent is also the time to pick up your dog’s poo on a Sunday morning.

This is exactly what I was doing this morning when a man walked by.  We made eye contact, the man and I, and he said to me, “Jesus is coming, brother!”  I was taken aback by what this guy said!  After all, I had been hoping for an uneventful, morning stroll.  But this random man changed all that.

I need to set the scene a little better.  This man who said “Jesus is coming, brother!” sounded a lot like Hulk Hogan!  Some of you know exactly what I mean.  For those of you who don’t, check out this video:

“Jesus is coming, brother!”

This guys words are very appropriate: Jesus is coming.  This is what we celebrate at Advent!

But he is also coming again — his second Advent is yet to come.  And when Jesus comes again he’ll make all things new!  That’s good news!  There’s a bunch of stuff in my life that needs to be made new!  How about you?

So this Advent season, spend some time meditating on what it means for us that Jesus came, that he is the Incarnate One.  But also think about what it means in your life that Jesus’ second Advent is on its way.

Have you given Jesus’ second Advent much thought during Christmastime before?  Let me know in the comments below!