Welcome to My Blog!

Over the last several years I’ve been on a journey.  I thought that it was going to be an educational journey; and it certainly has been that!  I also was sure that it was going to be a relational journey since I am married to an amazing woman who just so happens to be an uber-extrovert!  I was also pretty sure that it would be a religious journey as well seeing that I’m a follower of Jesus.  However, parts of this journey have been surprising, as tends to happen with journeys!  There have been unexpected joys, lots of opportunities to grow in patience thanks delayed gratification, and tons of experiences, nuggets, insights, failures, and victories that I think are worth sharing with the world.


That’s what the purpose of this blog is going to be.  I am going to use it to share with you some of my journey.  I’ll write about the three spheres of my journey primarily — the educational sphere (which I’ll call “Nerdy”), the relational sphere (which I’ll call “Relationships”), and the religious sphere (which I’ll call “Following Jesus”).  These spheres will intersect quite a bit, like a Venn Diagram, so sometimes a single post may fit in more than one sphere.  I’ll do my best to keep things clear by organizing my posts into categories so that they can be easily perused by those who are interested.

My goal is to post three times a week.  I’m hopeful that I’ll post more than that at times, but I’d rather promise a little and deliver more than vice versa!

Thanks for reading my first post and I hope you’ll stick in the days to come!