#BadExperiences: New Wine Podcast #012

Is it typical for bad experiences to follow right on the heels of positive ones for followers of Jesus?


I answer this question in my latest podcast.  You can listen to it on the bottom of this post, on iTunes, or on Stitcher.

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2 thoughts on “#BadExperiences: New Wine Podcast #012

  1. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for sharing this message. I think it’s a good depiction of life, we have to deal with both the good and the bad. Not anywhere in the bible does it say that things are always going to sunshine and roses for those of us who follow Christ. From the sun you can get sun burned and roses do have thorns.
    Obviously when good things do happen we naturally rejoice. I think when bad things do happen especially right after something good happens, it’s normal to feel initially upset or let down and to question God, but I also think those are times when our faith gets put to the test. I think at that point we have a choice, either we can remain “stuck” in our bitterness or we can put our faith in God that He knows what He is doing because he sees the bigger picture and will get us through this. Also like what is said in James it’s the trying times that helps build character so we can become more and more like Jesus. I love the two examples that you shared about the personal attack against you and the tragedy that happened to your neighbor. God did get you through that attack and your neighbor chose not to stay stuck in anger and bitterness and chose forgiveness. Two good examples.

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